TRACC Civil was established in 2011 to provide you with an alternative construction company firmly focussed on site productivity and solutions, to ensure a high quality, highly marketable project completed on time.

TRACC Civil is being run by highly experienced management team with over 25 years of experience in the civil construction industry. With experience ranging from operating equipment, engineering surveying, supervision of projects large and small, and project management of major projects, to construction management. They have has extensive experience in managing bulk earthworks (mega-metre projects); haul road construction, major canal developments, airport/runway construction, railway embankment construction, major sub-division and estate projects, golf courses and arterial road construction.

TRACC Civil is able to undertake all your civil works projects including:
     - Bulk earthworks
     - Civil construction works including
     - Sewer installation and Stormwater installation
     - Services (utilities) installation
     - Retaining wall construction
     - Pavement construction
     - Street-lighting and road furniture installation
     - Landscaping requirements
     - Plant Hire

TRACC Civil has a core objective of delivering an aesthetically pleasing completed project to assist your marketing, whilst engaging with you in a collaborative approach to minimise client construction and holding costs, and to deliver the project on time.

TRACC Civil is strongly committed to creating and operating in a safe work environment, and highly values its culture of inclusiveness and respect from management through to all site personnel.

TRACC Civil has excellent relationships with the major suppliers and sub-contractors in the civil construction industry, and as well as excellent relationships with prime contractors in the industry.


Address: 33 Cocos Drive, Bibra Lake WA      Telephone: 08 9418 8607
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